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16 Small Details Fans Noticed About Women In Action Movies That Made Us Say, ‘Whoa’

Posted Over 1 Year ago by Q2

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Skimmed it. Some neat stuff. Lots of little details. But on the topic of women in action movies, I really think people sleep on Michelle Yeoh.

Over 1 Year ago
Jet Presto

I really think people sleep on Michelle Yeoh.

Totally agree. She doesnt get nearly enough credit for her roles in all the movies she's been in. She was really good in Star Trek Discovery being the Mirror universe Philippa Georgiou. I think that the producers realized how good she is because she's supposed to be getting her own star trek show soon.

Over 1 Year ago

She used to do a bunch of her own stunts way back in the day. I love her later career, too, and always love seeing her show up in things. But she was a bonafide badass action star that I don't think we've properly credited.

Over 1 Year ago
Jet Presto

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