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add your plot posts

Posted Over 8 Years ago by KM8

So in addition to Quick, Saga, Bio, RP Tournament, and OOC... we now have an option called PlotPost! Thanks to Aira.

Plot Posts are to show your characters to people. Your plot post will give someone a good idea of what they are like, what their story is, what kind of RP you hope to do with them, and hopefully inspire another member to start an RP with your character.

They are different from Character Bios in that they are focused mostly on plot and possible future RP directions.

See Aira's [p:93966|post] for a few examples.

If you post a Plot Post, I'll be sure to add it to the forum document. If you peruse the document and see any other people's Plot Posts that catch your interest, be sure to make a post to ask the person if they'd like to RP with you. :)

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Nice nice. :)

Over 8 Years ago
Kevin *

This is bullshit.

I need more people on my RP

Over 7 Years ago

Cool. Cool cool cool.

Over 7 Years ago
Cureless forgot Password

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