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Been replaying Fallout 3 lately

Posted Over 1 Year ago by -Riku-

Taking an inspiration from Oxhorn's newest series of Fallout videos, I've been exploring the underground metro tunnels and their associated areas. Usually when I play FO3 I go straight to Operation Anchorage so I can get all the good gear, but this time I didn't do that. I went from 101 to the metro tunnels and it's been a fun challenge. Iirc my SPECIAL set was 4/5/7/5/7/7/5 and my tagged skills were small guns, repair, and medicine or sneak. I've currently level 12 and I've got a decent arsenal on me. Unfortunately I'm running kinda low on the good ammo. I've got plenty of 10mm ammo, .32 caliber rounds, and energy cells, but am lacking in .308 caliber rounds, .44 caliber rounds, microfusion cells, and flamer fuel. Armor is also becoming a problem since I alternate between raider armor and talon combat armor, the latter of which isn't as plentiful as the former but has a higher DR. I've gotten addicted to chems a few times and once I get addicted to too many I go to either Megaton or Underworld to get treatment, stock up on stimpaks, buy some ammo, and get some gear repaired. I've probably used close to 100 stimpaks so far if not more. Damn Super Mutants and Mirelurk Hunters cause me the most grief due to almost every gathering of mutants having a minigun wielding brute and each batch of Mirelurks having at least one hunter. Despite all of that, I am having fun. I always thought 3 was the easiest of the modern fallout games, so I'm glad this playthrough is providing me with a good challenge.

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