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Brother’s husband and sister’s wife in classificatory kinterm systems

Posted Over 1 Year ago by chiarizio

I have a question about certain kinship terms under specific circumstances which I shall explain.

The questions, which won’t in my opinion make sense without the background I’ll provide after the question, are:

.......... .......... ..........

I have a far-future interstellar multi species conculture whose founding core or kernel or nucleus is an all-human conculture with a particular kind of classificatory kinship system.

In this system:

.......... .......... ..........

In both the earlier, all-human, conculture, and also the later, multi species, conculture, humans are expected, ideally and circumstances permitting, to marry three times.
  • The first time to an older member of the opposite sex who has already married once and already had at least one child but is still capable of having at least one more;
  • The second time to a younger member of the opposite sex who ideally has never been married and ideally never had a child;
  • And the third time to someone, traditionally close to one’s age.

    Ideally and traditionally and usually, if one is human, both of one’s first two marriages produce offspring, but one expects no offspring from the third marriage.

    As interstellarization proceeds, third marriages are taken to be for companionship, or other reasons having nothing to do with reproduction. Eventually this leads to looser restrictions about who can marry whom. Age differences can be greater; one’s third spouse can be a different species; one’s third spouse can be artificial instead of biological; one’s third spouse can be more closely related than would be permitted for a reproductive marriage; and one’s spouse can be one’s own sex.

    .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..

    So here are my guesses, but I’d like to hear yours.

    One’s father’s husband is another father, just as one’s mother’s husband is.
    One’s mother’s wife is another mother, just as one’s father’s wife is.

    A man’s brother’s husband is his husband;
    and a person’s husband’s brother is their husband.

    A woman’s sister’s wife is her wife;
    and a person’s wife’s sister is their wife.

    A person’s husband’s husband is their brother.
    A person’s wife’s wife is their sister.


    Anyone whose child is old enough for their third marriage is quite old themselves. So I didn’t ask about son’s husbands nor daughter’s wives.


    For at least this post I’m not going to worry about how species affects kinterms.

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    Much shorter version if you already know the background.
    How does, or would, a Classificatory Kinterm system of the type where “FB=F and MZ=M”
    (that is, father’s brother is father and mother’s sister is mother)
    handle same-sex marriages?

    Over 1 Year ago

    The kinds of classificatory kinterm systems I’m talking about here are those that obey the following three rules.
  • if EGO calls ALTER by a particular kinterm then EGO calls ALTER’s same-sex sibling by that same kinterm.
  • if EGO’s same-sex sibling calls ALTER by a particular kinterm then EGO calls ALTER by that same kinterm.
  • if EGO calls ALTER by a particular kinterm then EGO’s same-sex sibling also calls ALTER by that same kinterm.

    In particular, father’s brother is father (FB=F) and mother’s sister is mother (MZ=M).


    My questions concern a male EGO’s BH and HB, and a female EGO’s ZW and WZ.

    Though they also concern anyone’s FH and BH and HH and SH,
    and anyone’s MW and ZW and WW and DW.

  • Over 1 Year ago

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