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What is life? What happens after death? How do we live morally to become our best selves? Let's discuss!

Closure and Moving Forward by Liana Kerzner.

Posted Over 1 Year ago by tnu

So over the past year or so Liana Kerzner's videos have helped me understand a lot about frustration situations and myself. A few days ago I just made a tweet mentioning her and thanking her for the content sh e's made and she starts DMing with me about some thoughts and questions I hada nd we spent a few days DMing back and forth and then today this drops.

Anyone who likes this please check her out she makes great content and is a cool persona nd a wonderful human being.

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I like her videos and think she is an alright person. I honestly have some people who may not like me sharing some of her stuff, but don't really care.

Over 1 Year ago

@ 8:00 and on, crazy accurate. Advice everyone needs to hear and start practicing.

Over 1 Year ago

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