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When the real world doesn't have enough for our stories, we invent a new one. Let's share cultures and ideas and create together :)

Conworld summaries (1 paragraph)

Posted Over 13 Years ago by Xhin

[unparsed]The problem I have with a lot of the posts here are that they are walls. Some of them are very interesting walls (like Osara), but others are just very difficult to get into.

So, I figured we could explain our conworlds here, in the size of a paragraph. It would be light reading, and might make us say "huh, that's actually a cool world".

Please describe your conworld in the length of a paragraph. A link to your conworld, either here or on a wiki or website is a good idea, but optional.

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[unparsed]Salthans are lizard-folk who live in the desert and care very much for purity. They wear very little clothes (children wear nothing) and as part of their purity rituals spank/switch their children regularly every month or so. Polygamy is encouraged, they worship a sun God and have a single-house democracy system.

I'll do one on Sylvane and the other two cultures I'm writing once I have enough about them.

Over 13 Years ago

[unparsed]This is a really epiiiic idea Xhin :D

Melkrin is a future Earth, created by an all-powerful, but extremely scatterbrained, God who happens to have a huge soft spot for our fantasy/sci-fi literature- a trait that has more recently started to influence the nature of the universe. In an attempt to facilitate expansion of Her work, She automated several cosmic functions related to divine creation, leading inevitably to a failure. God became incapacitated, leaving the rabble of unguided, poorly motivated, and ill-prepared angels in charge of delineating godly power with the system She built. This has led to disaster, and put the "new earth," melkrin- one of God's many experiments paying homage to Her creations' mythology- in a relationship with the new masters of the universe. At the center of the cosmos, Heaven is a collapsing wasteland being propped up by a few of melkrin's governments, who reap supernatural reward for their efforts. Conditions on melkrin itself aren't exactly great either, what with hunger, coercive autocracies, and cultural confusion stemming from the widespread knowledge that elements once overtly fictional have colluded so much with reality.

Over 13 Years ago
Fetus Commander

[unparsed]Oh boy, a bit of a challenge :-)

The Nendhe is a conuniverse comprised of small snowglobe-like worlds. Therein, the laws of physics are maintained by myriad elementals who are the embodiment of matter given emotion, with each small world (usually 1 kilometres in radius) ruled over by a Djinn that decides the aesthetics of the place. People live in these small places via gates between them or by jaunting through the white void that contains all the spheres. These people are each a race unto themselves, with these nigh-immortal beings changing shape and form as they age depending on where they've lived and what they've done.

Over 13 Years ago

[unparsed]Okay, this thread is officially awesome. I'm now interested in three cultures/worlds. I'm waiting for MSat because I could never quite get into his world, although it looked interesting enough.

[b:87688cba51]Mid-Hades[/b:87688cba51] is a world where advanced human technology has been altered, reduced, and rebranded as magic. It is ruled over by a religious cult that has lost power and is struggling to regain it, whose leader bears the mark of the eclipse of the twin suns. That group has a strong alliance with half-dragons who reduced human's technology in the first place. Meanwhile, the resistance are mainly of two groups, each of which possess a magical artifact which is the remnant of a giant sentient tree which started all this mess. Another group that came in with the half-dragons and are secluded but tie into the main storyline are phoenixes, who strive to use their telepathy to achieve enlightenment, which would elevate their entire race into a superorganism. Their recent method is the creation of a sword which, when it kills, will let them know more about death and thus their own immortality. Also one of the resistance groups have a fondness for Bortrizas, which are cigars made from smaller sentient trees.

Over 13 Years ago
Sky's the limit

[unparsed]Aerun is a planet dotted with subcontinents, none of them even as big as australia. The two subcontinents that are closest together have had a number of cross-migrations, so that while there are plants and animals that are almost identical to or at least are very similar to those of earth, there are also some which are more exotic. Humans themselves exist as a hybrid species who killed off one of their ancestor species, and drove the other into the remote corners of their continents. Since then, there have been a myriad of human empires and civilisations on the two continents, both isolated from the other until about two hundred years ago. Now there is a power struggle as the rabble of loosely united human nations of the ‘Old’ continent do their best to continue exploiting the resources of the ‘New’ continent, amidst a cultural and technological revolution. While all this is going on, a young veteran of the brief and horrific island wars is offered a chance to get away from the poverty ridden slums that he helped to create, and join the crew of a pioneering exploration vessel, whose eccentricity will lead to the discovery of yet another continent, far richer than either of the first two, but with a native people who must now place all their hopes in the hands of a recovering drug user suffering from residual hallucinations.

...In a nutshell.

Over 13 Years ago

[unparsed]I'll give this a shot, even though brevity is a major weak point for me. Good thing this is winter break, and I'm on vacation for the month. This also reflects some of the unmentioned and unfinished changes I'm making at some point in the near future.

Veghinix is a world in conflict that seems to be spiraling ever closer to an inevitable destructive end. Mortals of all stripes strive for survival - from the seemingly noble Ulorians, to the honor-bound hunters of the Kaelonir, to the gruesome scavengers of the Terkivor. Entities formed from the remnants of old magic vie for dominance, using mortals as puppets and tools to improve their odds of gaining whatever they consider to be victory; be it the fiends, the angels, the dragons, or the fey, the mortals face peril no matter how pleasant the claims of their unfeeling masters. The Cerelians, gifted only by fortunate happenstance with their advanced technology, stand to oppose nearly all others by principle alone, seeking to destroy magic entirely. There are protectors of the world's better interests, however. The agents of the Penumbral Enclave, a holy order devoted to the god Umbrien, strive to maintain a balance between poles, to keep the supernatural and technological forces at bay and hold off the impending turmoil to come, while the servants of the goddess Tehla seek to maintain the vitality of nature without magic, aided by the elusive primevals. As the tensions grow worse, as small armies are formed, trained, and equipped to go to war throughout the world, the outcome lies in question.

Over 13 Years ago

[unparsed][b:2e7c19212d]Acqua[/b:2e7c19212d] is a planet of stormy seas, where there are a few continents and several island chains. Amythest is needed to cast even the smallest spell, and most of it is controled by one of two groups, the [b:2e7c19212d]De Madden Company[/b:2e7c19212d] , a trading empire with a war fleet, and the rival empire of the [b:2e7c19212d]Kraken States[/b:2e7c19212d], where Krakens persuade humans to mine and trade amythest for them. The humans are not slaves;both they and their Kraken overlords benifit greatly. There is a secret society, the [b:2e7c19212d]Children of Ma-O[/b:2e7c19212d], who exist just to cause trouble and are not tolarated by either group.

Over 13 Years ago
Cheka Man

[unparsed]The conuniverse of [i:16a1e9d0ba]Canticles[/i:16a1e9d0ba] is set fifteen to eighteen hundred years hence, in a setting where the Milky Way came up on the short side of Drake's equation and intelligent species are few and far between. The ten races that found each other have formed the First Ten Nations, sort of a galactic UN, uniting the known part of the Milky Way, which is about thirty-five to forty percent of it. Members include the D'Sari, easily the most advanced race, whose history goes back about one hundred sixty millennia and humans, as well as eight other races. Against this background is the extinct race called the Elders, who appear to have tried to erase all evidence of their existence, and an outsider race called the Foam Born, who have a massive axe to grind…

Over 13 Years ago

[unparsed]Here's mine. I have to give a bit of a historical overview in order for everything to make sense.

Rhaxunoš ([size=9:671fd6e61f]alt. Rhaaxunash[/size:671fd6e61f]) [r\`axI\nVs`] is a small planet that is currently in a long ice age. Unglaciated, the planet's surface area is more than 80% covered by water so during the glacial periods it is almost completely covered with ice. Space-faring sapient species had been using fusion power from the planet's core for millenia without any prior problems but during the onset of an interglacial warming period an engineering convoy runs into some of the planet's native inhabitants, a race of furry reptilian humanoids that had begun tocolonize the planet's surface. At first, all goes well - the aliens manage to explain themselves and their technology with some success - but after a while they discover they can not go home. They leave behind instructions on how to escape the planet. Then they pass away. As generations pass, the inhabitants forget most of what the aliens had told them. The aliens become portrayed as godlike beings from the heavens and a new religion is built around this portrayal. The inhabitants start to believe they will also become gods upon finding the instructions given to them by the aliens. The planet enters an age of war between a number of kingdoms fighting to get the instructions first and be the only ones to use them. To escape the wars, groups of farmers and serfs from a few of the warring kingdoms find their way to an isolated peninsula far to the east. The peninsula is discovered and later colonized by one of the warring kingdoms with a secret underlying interest in the area. While establishing themselves along the peninsula, the colonists run into another one of the planet's sapient species and must learn to get along with them if the two species are to co-exist peacefully. The colony's overseers must also explore the peninsula for their own gains and they require the aide of its native inhabitants, the salmurans, to do so. What do they expect to find there? What [i:671fd6e61f]will[/i:671fd6e61f] they find there? You will have to wait and find out ;)

A more detailed history coming to the conhistory thread soon.

Over 13 Years ago

[unparsed]I'm going to talk more about this one later, but here goes.

The conworld of [i:de973d5758]Magic Bullet[/i:de973d5758] diverges from our own beginning in November 1963, when Lee Harvey Oswald (or whoever) missed. Kennedy serves two terms and, consequently, the space program doesn't get axed. American hyperpowerism is evident; there are permanent settlements on the Moon (outgrowths of the aftermath of the non-cancelled Apollo program's evolution) and Mars (which was first landed on in 1982). In addition, there is some (mostly unmanned*) mining of the asteroid belt, and there are small waystations based around Yokota cyclers**. Red China is the antagonist to the United States; in the fall of the USSR, the Chinese obtained much information from the Soviets, including a sizable amount on Soviet rocketry, and improved upon it. Between America and China, a new Cold War is brewing.

  • The idea behind this is here.
  • See here for an explanation.

  • Over 13 Years ago

    Adpihi is a world very much like Earth which was accidentally settled by a group of colonists who meant to settle somewhere else. They don’t know where they are exactly, don’t know exactly which direction Earth is nor exactly how far away it is, and even if they figured that out, they don’t know how to re-contact Earth. So they manage to colonize their whole planet, then the local star’s system of planets-and-satellites-and-asteroids, then get ready to send missions to the stars nearest-neighbors to their own star; then encounter an intelligent “alien” species, then re-contact Earth.
    Adpihi are all religious; it colors everything they do or say or think.

    Reptigan is the successor culture to Adpihi. At their peak they consist of seven-to-twelve species, inhabiting up to 500 celestial bodies (some of which are planets), orbiting up to 200 stars. all numbers subject to change! Reptigan are very punctilious about etiquette. They are also very tolerant of differences. They are strong believers in political equality, and also extremely practical solvers of problems practicing political equality at interstellar distances, and makers and acceptors of compromises over conflicts for which there is no ideal solution. Reptigan have a well-deserved reputation for being bold; and not just human Reptigan, all Reptigan regardless of species or home world. Bold, but not foolhardy.

    The multiracial fantasy world doesn’t have a name yet. It contains canon-trope-like dwarves who are cave-and-mountain people (“Mine People”); canon-trope-like woods elves (“Forest People” aka “Tree Shepherds”); humans (“Men”, “Plains People”, “Grass People”); and Mer-Centaurs (“Lake People”, “River People”). The whole point of this world is to find out how the races can get along. Most of the Lake People won’t naturally have much contact with most of the Mountain People. If one wants to transport something by (fresh)water, one needs the River People’s help if the trip is a long one. If one wants to transport something overland, one needs the Plains People’s help if the trip is a long one. And plains and forests can be neighbors to each other; and either can be neighbor to either mountains or lakes. And Dwarves are the best metalworkers and jewelers, and Elves are the best woodworkers, and Mer-Centaurs are the best fishers. Plainspeople are the best marksmen with missile weapons, the best caravan-masters, and the best wicker-workers. Probably the best herders, too. If you want something dug out of the ground, a Dwarf is your best go-to digger. When petroleum is discovered to be valuable, and discovered to be abundant under the desert sand, Human caravan truckers take the Dwarven engineers to and from the wells, truck in their supplies, truck out their barrels of crude; while Dwarven engineers do all the digging. Once travelling across salt water becomes a thing, it will turn out that mer-centaurs are the best sailors; but every ship will want a Human navigator and a Dwarven engineer and an Elven carpenter.
    I intend bigotry to be a problem. For any given pair of races, there will be some members of the first race who just can’t stand the second race.

    Over 3 Years ago

    Ataivsh is a multi-racial fantasy conworld.
    It has three hominoid species and it has MerCentaurs.
    Each of the three hominoid species has a Classificatory kinship system of the FB=F and MZ=M type with a prescriptive marriage system and five matriclans and five patriclans. There are two mathematically distinct systems.
    The MerCentaurs’ kinship system revolves around fostering and compadrazgo rather than marriage.
    The hominoid species are Humans, Dwarves, and Elves.
    Dwarven women have face hair which is culturally important.
    The Human language is my conlang Arpien, and it is the Lingua Franca for inter-species business.
    Each species’s biology has a different means of handling nitrogenous wastes; uric acid, urea, hippuric acid, or ammonia.

    Over 1 Year ago

    Did I do okay here, or is it another wall?

    Over 1 Year ago

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