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There have been too many role playing phases to list - pick one and have fun!

discord 2

Posted Over 3 Years ago by Gratchius

Hey fellow oldies, it’s Gratchius here. Yes, the real one. I also primarily went by Die Shize and still do.

Hit me up on Discord!

No understating how dead GT is lol

We can catch up or, even better, I can pull you over to another roleplay site.

My Discord is: Die Shize #6889

Don’t be shy!

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I don't have discord, and don't RP anymore, but lol your username is still Die Shize and mine's still Agis.

Over 3 Years ago

Hey Grat.

I don’t have it either and I forget the name of the website you were on to be honest. I honestly miss role playing, but I can’t be bothered with the different time zones and all. It ruins the whole plot.

Over 3 Years ago

LOL yeah I've preserved it. Traditions. xD

Good to at least pop back on and hear from you guys, even though I'm disappearing in a flashy again, but I popped on just now because SOMEONE ELSE ADDED ME YAY

Over 3 Years ago

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