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Downtown Sunnydale - A Buffy The Vampire Slayer RPG (Not Canon)

Posted 11 Months ago by Panty Tight Kitten

The year is in the not so distant future. The atmosphere is now laden with greenhouse gases that have had an effect that scientists could not have foreseen. Global warming is no longer a major threat as it was once perceived, it's Vampires. No longer does the living dead need to slither in the darkness. The pollution in the air has become so dense, that it had the unintentional effect of filtering out the harmful (and good) ultraviolet rays that makes vampires combust. The Watchers have snatched this opportunity to enforce their misogynistic ways by controlling the vampire slayers. Each slayer is entrusted with a cross that grants the slayer additional powers to combat the newly enhanced threat.

Veronica is walking downtown looking at her cross, before stopping at a nearby coffee stand. "I hate this stupid thing" She thinks to herself. She was so frustrated that she hasn't even realized that it's a beautiful day outside with no overcast at 70 degrees. She hasn't been a slayer for long, or at least recognized that she was one. It feels like only yesterday when the Watchers marched through her doors, telling her parents that she possessing the genetic blue print of the Goddess Buffy's children. She herself never believed in those fairytales. As of today, she has slayed 4 vampires but not without sustaining a good beating herself. "What good are you if you can barely make a dent on those suckers"

She places the cross in her jeans' pocket and grabs the coffee, from the stand, for which she asked and sits at the first bench she lays her eyes on by the fountain. She needs to fidget or keep her hands occupied, she feels. She starts unbraiding her hair, hoping for it to be worn down despite knowing full well, her curls will stand like the rays of the scorching sun.

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A stranger sits in front of her uninvited.
“Mind if I sit down? I like your hair! Say, I think I know your mom and went to your high school!”

11 Months ago

She analyzes stranger and is left uneasy when he says that he knows her mother or that he's seen her in high school. She doesn't have any friends. Not from the high school to which she attended nor from the Order that the Watchers govern.

"Who are you?" She demands. Her cross starts illuminating, indicating a vampire is near. However, based on the limitation of this charm, she is unable to hone in on a vampires exact location. She assumes it's the stranger. "Less talk..." She crushes the cross with her hands, causing it's remnants to be reduced to powder. The powder, as if it were alive, circulates around Veronica's fit and athletic body. Her figure is engulfed in yellow flames, much like the sun's, burning off her outfit and replacing it with a fighter armor. She is now seen in a silver-like one piece swim suit, decorated with rims of holy silver, and she is in high heels made of the finest ancient oak, her tight curl hair is now in braids. Her final transformation completes with her eyes turning from black to emerald.

"Who are you?", she readies her Star Shaped Shurikens that are placed all around her waist.

11 Months ago
Panty Tight Kitten

He(?) says: “Aren’t you Veronica Hodges’s daughter? You look just like her! Didn’t you go to Riverdale H.S.? I graduated before you started, so we never met there, but Ms. Hodges was my home room teacher!”

(Still hasn’t replied to the “who are you?” question. Appears to be having doubts.)
(The Muzak is playing some Gwen Stefani thing.)

11 Months ago

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