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What is life? What happens after death? How do we live morally to become our best selves? Let's discuss!

@elemtilas: God’s love

Posted Over 1 Year ago by eldin raigmore


(I’d make this a personal message but I can’t seem to get it working yet on gtx0.)


You have said somewhere that God passionately loves people.
As you know, my life experience has been notably devoid of evidence that God loves me, or anyone I love.
I’m sure your experience is different:
What have you witnessed that convinces you God loves you and most people you know about?


And, a nurse, eh? What kind?

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And, a nurse, eh? What kind?
You were an OR nurse and now you’re a “floor nurse” or “ward nurse”, I guess.
But did you specialize as to types of operations?
And do you now specialize in a certain ward? Or are you perhaps an admitting nurse or an ER nurse?
Or do you supervise other nurses now?

Over 1 Year ago

You never responded to this thread.
Maybe you didn’t want to.
But I don’t know whether you ever read it.

Over 1 Year ago

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