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european matrilineal house of garsenda

Posted Over 2 Years ago by chiarizio

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The way in which Countess Garsenda’s husband’s vassals decided they’d rather be the Countess’s vassals than the Count’s, reminds me of the way Auntimoany’s current Empress took over from her husband.

10 Months ago


Fascinating history!

Sorry I haven't replied to anything here in quite a while. Have been busy elsewhere, and it looks like GTFA is going to go the way of so many other forums!

Also, as an aside, I happened to check on the status of the old Vreleksa worldbuilding forum, and saw that LingoDingo was asking about you last August.

I was never able to join that forum. For some reason, it doesn't seem to accept new users.

9 Months ago

I haven’t been on Vreleksa in so long, I’ve forgotten why not.
“Couldn’t log in” is consistent with my lack-of-memory, but then again, so is a Martian invasion.
I’ll try again. If I succeed I’ll say hello to everybody, from me and you both.
If i fail, I’ll be reminded why.
You OK otherwise?

9 Months ago

You OK otherwise?

Hangin in there!

9 Months ago

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