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forum for discussing things happening on the site that arent just bugs

Posted Over 2 Years ago by Grey Echelon

We had this before and I understand why it went, but I don't think removing it entirely is necessarily a good idea especially long-term even with reporting being a thing now (especially since reporting doesn't necessarily directly cover every concern you might have and doesn't always result in every post that quite arguably should be tagged or something being tagged or something).

If it MUST be that way, maybe make it so that only the poster of a thread and staff can see a thread in the forum. I'm asking this because there is something I wanted to ask about (unrelated to anything I already asked) that apparently doesn't belong in the forum "site issues" but isn't really the sort of thing that probably belongs anywhere else on the site and has nothing to do with a specific post and isn't really reportable, it's just a question. But this may also have other uses so that people can have more of a say in what's going on. I admit, it could lead to problems but I think ultimately it's better to some sort of place for expressing concerns or asking questions that don't necessarily belong here. Honestly I'd prefer it just be more open despite all of the drama that could come from that because then at least you get a community's take on something happening rather than just one person but if the other idea I presented is the only way so be it I guess.

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There should be a public/easily accessible Feedback forum for people to post general feedback but it should be strictly moderated so that it isn't used as a complaints forum and to avoid differing opinions from devolving the feedback into an argument.

Complaints/reports however should be entirely private between the "reporter" and the mod team. When it was public it was of no benefit to anyone other than those looked to stir up drama because all you ended up with was two sides of an argument arguing with each other and providing no useful information to the mod team. It just made their jobs harder because they couldn't actually discuss it properly with anyone.

That just my opinion anyway...

Over 2 Years ago

Agreed. A forum where people indulge in toxic behaviour was never healthy for this place. We discussed this idea in the past before, but I still believe we are better off developing that system where a dispute can be handled between a user and mod team with a degree of anonymity because that can become abusive as well. People tend to get emotional when their things are tagged and generally that should be easy to deny or allow for appeal if the reasoning is not sound. We can still get the "oh you're right, my bad, shouldn't have tagged that" or "yeah, that's definitely against the rules, bad doggo *grabs newspaper*".

Over 2 Years ago

That's what the Site Issues forum is for, linked to at the bottom of the site:
The compromise that made the most sense was making that forum opt-in only (like politics&religion) so site issues don't drag the rest of the site down.

Over 2 Years ago
Sky's the limit

Uh. Is it really? Because it seemed like a thread could be deleted when it was tried. I guess I'll try making the thread here later but the last time I made a thread considering the fact that it got deleted I assumed this was still generally not the place for it.

Over 2 Years ago
Grey Echelon

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