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Good to be back

Posted 9 Months ago by XShizeX

It's been a couple of years since I've been on the Gametalk forums, but I've still had the URL pinned to my homepage. I'd accidentally click it from time to time, then find myself staring at these black and blue forums.

Apparently my old username ShizeX is still intact on here, but damn it I can't seem to remember the password. It's always nice to come back here and check out the old site, or the nth iteration of it.

Xhin, you did a hell of a job with GTx0. I'm happy it's still here. Made a lot of friends off of here that I'm still in contact with. Kern, Shawn, Andres, a bunch of guys. It feels like such a constant, it's always been a place to just open yourself up to.

I got a lot to unload but I want to see who's still flying around here haha!

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Wow I forgot I had used Decker as my backup name for awhile too.

If you recognize me either way pop in and say hello!

9 Months ago

Hey ShizeX!

Welcome back! I don't know if you remember me - what forums did you hang around in?

You'll find that the Discord is most active these days - there's a link to it down in the Social Media section if you're up for joining.

I'm glad GT had good memories for you. I've been around GT forums since about '05, though I used to be around on an on-and-off basis haha Back in September, Xhin passed this place on to me. What's your GT-experience? :)

¤¤♅êîrÐ Øccu®@n瀤¤

9 Months ago
Weird Occurance

I remember you actually.

8 Months ago

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