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What is life? What happens after death? How do we live morally to become our best selves? Let's discuss!

got a new shirt for christmas

Posted Over 5 Years ago by Louis De Pointe du Lac

"One must imagine Sisyphus happy."
Albert Camus


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I didn't get shit for Christmas. F*ck you.

Over 5 Years ago
Recalescent Ghost

I got a T-shirt showing Deadpool sitting on The Iron Throne.

You explain to me your shirt's message and I'll explain to you mine.

Over 5 Years ago
Camus undertakes the task of answering what he considers to be the only question of philosophy that matters: Does the realization of the meaninglessness and absurdity of life necessarily require suicide?

Personally I never could relate to people who get all depressed over the realization that the universe is nihilistic and meaningless. Are these people simply more prone to depression than average?

Over 5 Years ago

Couldn't agree more. Which is why I'm a fan of absurdism. Camus argues that when you realize the meaninglessness of life you have three reactions:
1. Mental Suicide - taking up a religious faith
2. Physical Suicide - killing yourslef
3. Embrace the absurd and meaningless nature of things for what it is.

I choose option 3. Amor Fati

Over 5 Years ago
Louis De Pointe du Lac
No love = No future


Over 5 Years ago

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