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Pointless, Duh, Miscellaneous... all synonyms for 'Anything Goes!' (within the rules, of course ;) )

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Posted 9 Months ago by Weird Occurance

If you’re in the US, hope you’re having (or had) a wonderful holiday!

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Hope you and everyone here had an enjoyable time. (I only experienced one once lol)


9 Months ago
Lord Denida

Happy thanksgiving.

I had a thanksgiving plate prepared by a 4 star chef. It was the best thanksgiving meal I’ve ever had. Albeit on the smaller side.(I had to pick up a medium pizza later in the day)

No complaints though.

9 Months ago
sniper of hell

Happy TG, everyone! Because of scheduling conflicts my daughter and I are going to feast tomorrow; today, I just ate like ordinarily.

9 Months ago

9 Months ago

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