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User CP

Posted 7 Months ago by Helius

There is not enough cowbell.

On a serious note, you may need to add a back button for the User CP when changing settings. That would be helpful.

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This was never removed or even touched. And it shows for me when I'm logged in.

Perhaps you're not logged into your account?

¤¤♅êîrÐ Øccu®@n瀤¤

7 Months ago
Weird Occurance

I should mention that when you update whether or not you want to see mature posts, it does not automatically redirect you back to main settings in the CP or provide you a way to get back without hitting the back button on the engine.

7 Months ago

It's a holdover from gtx0 2.0's extreme minimalism. I'll talk to WO about fixing it -- should be relatively easy.

7 Months ago
Sky's the limit

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