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Posted Over 1 Year ago by Cupola

You know, I really get sick of people who virgin shame or otherwise act like the fact that they've had sex makes them better than you. This is such a toxic norm in society and encourages men to engage in bad behavior for the sake of getting laid. "Yeah, I know you're stalking this girl and making her fear for her life. Yeah, I know you basically coerced this girl into having sex with you, but you don't want to be a virgin, right?" Or people who basically shit all over your personal growth and progress with "LOL LET ME KNOW WHEN YOU GET A GIRL TO SUCK YOUR DICK!" It's such a fucked up thing to do because rather than being patient and let a sexual relationship develop organically like it should, these guys get worried and desperate which makes them less likely to actually have sex. And then if you actually DO have sex, they're like "I don't care lol". You're a fucking scum bag if you do this kind of shit and a waste of space because you have nothing to contribute to society. Oh, you can fuck a whole bunch of women in a night? Go fucking do it then. Stop bragging about it. It doesn't make you a God.

I really think we need to start beating the shit out of people who do this because they harm society. They harm men, they harm women, and they harm children.

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