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There have been too many role playing phases to list - pick one and have fun!

Hey RPG Chat

Posted 10 Months ago by Sin

Seeing Learna and Deselena posting below certainly makes me feel nostalgic for this forum. I'm just waiting for old Gratchius to come down the chimney early with a bag full of christmas presents and explosives. I wonder who else is lurking about? How's life? Still writing?

/ Sin, Gabriel, Taun, Clarkey, others

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This is the first time I have roleplayed - or done any creative writing - in over five years. It's nice to return to it.

10 Months ago

I saw you in Mourning's other post! HI!!!! How are you! It's been WAY too long! <3 You have been missed! Are you doing the discord thing? Cauuuusssee you should totally add me if you are :D


10 Months ago

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