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Zelda, Mario, Pokemon, Elder Scrolls, Fallout... Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, any of the above and more! What are you playing?

How has your taste in video games changed in the last 10 or so years?

Posted 10 Months ago by danymayze

For me, although I always loved "JRPG's" I don't think I ever realized they were a genre of their own til I was maybe 13/14 - and even then, almost exclusively played Pokemon and Final Fantasy because we just didn't get much else in my region. Whereas when I first used to visit GT, I played games 90% for gameplay and mostly skipped/ignored story; nowadays I mostly focus on/play games with really rich lore, story, characterization and just overall great attention to world-building.

I mostly find myself playing Shin Megami Tensei/Persona games (Pokemon, but in hell), the Legend of Heroes: Trails series, and the Xeno franchise (Xenogears, Xenosaga, Xenoblade - with Xenoblade X being my favorite.

What are your favorite games now? How do they compare to the "younger" you?

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I think my biggest change is playing less. Maybe patience for slow start? lol

As for games, in the middle of the trails series too and fan translation of the last Suikoden. New games would be lost judgment.


10 Months ago
Lord Denida

Hmm... I guess I game less. I like the old Pokemon games a lot more than the newer one. I’ve hated Let’s Go and Sword and Shield. I’ve started to move into some co-op games like Halo and TF2. I’m trying so hard to get into Spelunky for co-op purposes, but that feels like a chore.

I’m also into *watching* speedrunners. V0oid is my favorite in the DKC community. I’ve never tried speedrunning and don’t think I ever will haha

So I guess my taste has gotten more varied over the years.
I’m still crossing my fingers for a new game in the Pokemon Colosseum / Gale of Darkness series, but won’t hold my breath hahah Those were and will always be two of my favorite video games.

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10 Months ago
Weird Occurance

Quality over Quantity.

10 Months ago
sniper of hell

When I was a kid, I was all Mario, all the time, with a little bit of Doom and Banjo-Kazooie sprinkled in here and there. Yes, I played Doom as a kid -- in fact, as a toddler, I would sit on my mother's lap and watch her play the game on our SNES, and when I got it for PC, it was a slam-dunk in my book. As a teenager, I got big into rhythm games; I was a Guitar Hero freak, to the point that there wasn't a song out there that I couldn't play on Expert level guitar (that I had access to, anyway; there have been plenty of DLC songs I haven't played). Nowadays, I still play Mario and Doom, but I've grown far, far better at the games than I ever was as a kid, and I've added the likes of Minecraft, Terraria, Roblox, Spyro, Undertale/Deltarune, and many more. I don't play the rhythm games nearly as much as I used to anymore, since they kill my wrists to play (fortunately, though, I've still got it when it comes to playing Expert guitar; I played so much as a teen, I've basically gotten it engraved into my muscle memory).

TL;DR: As a kid I played a lot of Mario games -- particularly Mario Party and Mario Kart with a bit of Super Mario World, Super Mario 64, etc. sprinkled in for good measure -- as well as Doom and Banjo-Kazooie, and my gaming horizons have only grown as I've grown into adulthood.

10 Months ago
Black Yoshi

When I was getting into gaming, I definitely played a lot more FPS games than I do now. And while I still play them and enjoy them (generally), that might be the genre I play the least (while still playing to some degree).

I've also discovered in recent years that I actually really enjoy horror games. I'm not a big horror guy in general, and to be sure, these games make me tense AF. But it turns out I really love a good horror game that makes me feel that way. I can't play without screaming a ton, but it's such a high.

Otherwise, I tend to play more third person action/adventure games these days. I never expected to love Dark Souls, but the second time I tried my hand at it, everything just clicked for me and now it turns out I generally like some of those games, too. I don't like brutally punishing games (a la Ghost Runner, IMO), but I like those games that are pretty hard. The ones that make it clear they ultimately do want you to keep playing and to succeed are especially nice (I need to get back into Hades).

10 Months ago
Jet Presto

Interesting question!

For me, I don't think my tastes have really "changed" so much as evolved. I've always preferred fantasy / scifi genre games, and still do.

The very first vgs I had were Archon and Gateway to Apshai and Ultima IV. Great games! If someone updated the graphics but kept the gameplay, I'd happily play those games again!

Eventually SimCity came out and I switched over to building type games. That, and Civilisation and Transport Tycoon. More open ended games. I still play TT sometimes, and what's really neat about it is the original game went defunct because it was never updated as machines & OSs got more powerful. So someone decided to reverse engineer it. I also enjoyed Commander Keen.

A young friend gave me a Gameboy with Pokémon Yellow. That was really fun!

That certainly made the transition to handheld games easy. Which brings us to the last ten years! My gaming evolution over this time period has been the largely windmill tiltingly vain quest to find the Ultimate Cellphone Game. After years of slogging through the morass of Candy Crunch clones and the ubiquitous array of 30 second ads after which you can play 10 seconds of game, I found it! DeSoto was never so lucky as when I stumbled across Hogwarts Mystery.

The next evolutionary step will be back to the PC whenever Hogwarts Legacy actually comes out! Am also waiting for Magic Awakened to be released in the US.

10 Months ago

I think my taste in games hasn't changed per se, more like continued to expand to include more variety. I definitely went through phases of being fixated on particular genres though. After experiencing my first RPG (Super Mario RPG, actually), I ended up with an RPG obsession. On the Nintendo 64 I was obsessed with racing games and I have like... SO many N64 racing games as a result. I also went through an RTS phase on PC - granted, I only really played Age of Empires 1 and 2 and og StarCraft, but they were a huge part of my life for a couple years.

As an adult the biggest change (or expansion) to my taste in games is the inclusion and appreciation of games that speak to me on a very emotional level, as opposed to just playing games for the gameplay. I want to say this started with when I first played Persona 3 back in 2013 (thank you Laxan!), and I also can't bring this up without shouting out Undertale and Deltarune. Fast-forward to today and I'm up to my neck in visual novels.

I guess I also started reveling in brutal challenges as an adult whereas I didn't care too much about that as a kid. I love those "Nintendo hard" games quite a bit.

10 Months ago
Jo Nathan

last ten not much? still mostly RPGs the main diffrence is i've put adventure games and visual novels in to themix.

10 Months ago
Kamenteki Kaito Tanuki

I feel like I have less patience for JRPGs. Not sure if it's because I don't have the time or patience for grinding anymore, or if it's just because I don't like turn-based combat anymore.

Then again I still play JRPGs sometimes, and enjoy them when I do so, so maybe it's more that I have higher standards.

10 Months ago
Axem Great Water

admittedly I've largley lost itnerest in western games too much of an emphasiso n photorealism makes them all pretty boring looking.

9 Months ago

based tnu

9 Months ago
sniper of hell

How has your taste in video games changed in the last 10 or so years?

Yes and No. Some games that need to evolve don't and get stagnant like the CoD games, and then you have other games that change for the worse in the name of change to avoid stagnating.

So for me it isn't so much that my tastes change, it's that the games change for the worse or end up not changing where it matters. Most games I enjoyed as a kid or young adult like Super Mario RPG or Halo 2 are still just as enjoyable now as they were when I first played them when they were new.

9 Months ago

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