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Is Chris Hazleton’s webcomic “Misfile” an isekai?

Posted 11 Months ago by chiarizio

Is Chris Hazleton’s webcomic “Misfile” an isekai?

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Nope. The MC doesn't get sent to another world, just genderbent.

EDIT: I stopped reading it a LONG time ago, so it might BECOME an isekai later on. I don't know, though.

11 Months ago
Axem Great Water

Misfile was finished quite a while ago.
There’s a sequel; Hell High.
As far as I can tell so far, there’s only one character (one of the angels) actually appearing in both comix. But the Misfile event is/was the reason a High School was set up in the Anhedonia outskirts of Hell.

11 Months ago

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