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Is Diablo 2 worth buying switch?

Posted Over 1 Year ago by Panty Tight Kitten

I keep seeing negative press on it and I’m not sure I understand it all. Can I play it offline or do I have to be online much like Diablo 3 on PC? Also, if Blizzard has account issues, does that mean I won’t be able to launch the game from the get go?

I asked my brother but he was rude and called me retarded and the c word, so I know I’m not that smart about technology or anything.

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You can play offline, but you still need some form of online connection to authenticate to Blizzard servers (like thy did for D3). Basically the game talks to the server before it lets you play the game even if you're playing offline (not many are a fan of this).

Also a video explaining some of the caveats right now with this game:

Over 1 Year ago
Forte Lambardi

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