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Map Challenge: Vellum (Book of All Hours 1) by Hal Duncan

Posted Over 12 Years ago by chiarizio


I challenge any one of us to make a map like (I guess) Page 28 or Page 29 of the book Guy Reynard Carter finds in the prologue of Hal Duncan's "Vellum".

In the prologue of Vellum, a Guy Reynard Carter finds a special, magical Book in an underground library in Glasgow.

He opens it to the first page and recognizes it as a blueprint-like schematic of the room he's in; he can see symbols for the book, for the table the book is on, and for himself.

Each page thereafter is at double the scale, with the area represented in the previous page occupying a quarter, usually the middle quarter, of the new page.

So, about (I guess) 27 pages in, he finds, naturally, a map of the entire world.

Of course it's a projection since it's flat, so the center longitude line is the one that runs through Glasgow (but the Equator is the middle latitude line -- after a certain page the centerpoint of the map started moving south from Glasgow), and the Arctic Ocean is a rim of blue water at the top while Antarctica is a rim of white land at the bottom; and the Eastern Pacific is on the left while the Western Pacific is on the right (180 degrees East longitude = 180 degrees West longitude basically being both the left edge and the right edge.

Then he turns to page 28 (I suppose; at any rate, it's the next page). The "Eastern Pacific" and the "Western Pacific" are parts of two different bodies of water. "Antarctica" is just the northern edge of a new continent. The "Arctic Ocean" is now a river that runs -- whether east-west or west-east I don't know -- from some source to some mouth, with the part that's in the middle half east-west on this map being about a quarter way down from the top, halfway between the top and the Equator.

In other words it's now a projection of a sphere with about four times the area the actual Earth has, and it just so happens that the middle quarter of this projection looks exactly like a projection of the entire Earth.

Does anyone feel like drawing such a map?

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