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Marriage to a Parent’s Sibling’s Spouse’s Sibling’s Child

Posted 9 Months ago by chiarizio

I recently saw a “learned paper” about “dispersed alliance”.
It examined several cultures, including several in which one’s preferred marital partner was one’s older sibling’s spouse’s younger sibling.

That’s reminiscent (to me — YMMV) of the systems my fictional Ataivsh hominoids have;
if we replace “older sibling” with “aunt or uncle”, and replace “younger sibling” with “niece or nephew”.

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Fun fact: the scenario you read about has actually happened in my family. My maternal grandmother's cousin married a man, and that man's sister married his wife's brother, meaning their kids are double first cousins. We also have cousins who are first and second cousins simultaneously. The Ataivsh systems, then, aren't too far off reality.

9 Months ago
Black Yoshi

Something similar happened to my best friend IRL -- his mom married a man, and then he married that man's daughter. There's a lot of jokes that go with that territory, but my personal favorite is that my friend ended up becoming a step-son-in-law.

9 Months ago
Sky's the limit

Thank you for your real-life examples and near-examples.
I’m sorry I didn’t reply sooner; I’ve been meaning to for some time, but never fully formatted what I wanted to say.
TBH I still haven’t. But I know I wanted to say “Thanks!”, so at least I got that much said!

9 Months ago

I was looking up in which jurisdictions marriage to or sex with a step-sibling is legal, and what circumstances must pertain for it to be legal.
(In case you’re wondering, in most U.S. states it’s legal unless it breaks some other law.)

One question was asked by a young adult woman. She and her boyfriend (fiancé?) had been dating, with a view toward marriage, for some time, when her father and his mother had fallen in love with each other and gotten married.
Now her father was saying she and her boyfriend — who had recently become her stepbrother — couldn’t legally be married.
The lawyers who answered the question said it was in fact perfectly legal.

There are some states that are careful to say anything that applies to full-blood relations also applies to half-blood relations.
Some are careful to state that any rules that apply to legitimate offspring and siblings also apply to illegitimate offspring and siblings.
Some are careful to state that anything said about natural children or siblings or parents also apply to adopted ones.
A few also say that anything applying to siblings or children or parents also apply to step-siblings or step-children or step-parents; but that’s not common among American states’ rules about marriage.
In general in America sex or marriage between a step-parent and a step-child is illegal, because it is assumed the step-parent is in a position of authority in loco parentis over the stepchild.
In some places this prohibition is in force only so long as the marriage generating the step-relationship is still in force;
in other places the prohibition is relaxed if that other marriage is dissolved by divorce;
in other places it isn’t relaxed by divorce, but is relaxed by death;
In others not even by death.
But the relation between step-siblings is not a bar to marriage nor consensual sex unless one stepsibling is in a position of authority over, or has custody of, the other sibling; at least in nearly every American state.
Furthermore there are places where if one cannot marry an X one also cannot marry an X-in-law.
Those places tend not to be in the USA nor Canada, if I am not mistaken.

7 Months ago

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