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Media that should appeal to you but does not?

Posted 9 Months ago by sniper of hell

Are there any movies, TV shows, or general media that should appeal to you but for whatever reason does not?

In general I like sci-fi. I love The Ender Game series (specifically the prequels and parallel Ender Shadows series), Star Gate Atlantis, (I never saw the original series) The Expanse and Dune.

On paper Star Wars should be right up my alley but it is not. I dislike the series with a passion. I respect the original trilogy but outside of that the movies have been hot garbage.

I will say I did enjoy the Mandalorian and in my head cannon this show + movies 3-6 are the only things that exist. Nothing else.

I dont feel the same about Star Trek but I have never gotten into the series. (I have no idea where to start tbh) I did enjoy Star Trek Deep Space 9 as a preteen but I have never heard people talk about it. (I believe it is over shadowed by other Star Trek Series)

For Anime One Piece should be right up my alley as I am a fan of Shonen. I have tried multiple times to read the Manga (at the request of my best friend) and never got past Chapter 150. I will try again if it ever finishes.

Most westerns should be right up my alley but for whatever reason I dislike the majority of them. I did enjoy the Man with no name/ Dollars Trilogy but if I am not mistaken that is the GOAT. (I also enjoyed the Hateful 8 and Django Unchained)

Book wise I have very little interest in reading The Lord of The Rings. I love the movies and normally I am huge defender of reading the source material before watching the movie, but I have never gotten the urge to read the series.

On paper the Harry Potter fandom should interest me and while Im a fan of the original books the fandom makes me cringe. (I have a friend who participated in the NBC HP Trivia House Cup special that is airing this week iirc)

I am not sure if I should make a post about video games specifically in Video Games or just say my opinions here.

I will only say one. The Halo franchise should appeal to me and while I love Halo 3 ODST the rest of the series is largely meh. (Single player and multiplayer)

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I enjoy a lot of sci-fi but could never get into star trek or *especially* Babylon 5. I think maybe because they're "slow" sci-fi or something, though I did enjoy the early seasons of Stargate SG-1 despite that format.

I have a weird relationship with anime -- I like the four or so shows I've watched in my lifetime (on friend requests) but haven't really given anything else a chance.

For video games, I could write a novella on why no man's sky should appeal to me (particularly after the updates) and yet why I'm not interested in it.

9 Months ago
Sky's the limit

Hard to really think of one I know exactly why modern Star Wars doesn't appeal to me. One Piece seems like it would really appeal to me but manga has always presented an accessibility barrier. I can usually dissect why these thigns don't "work" for me when they don't.

9 Months ago

or *especially* Babylon 5

9 Months ago

Feeling pretty smug right now.

One of Moonrays only posts on this site is in my thread.

I have ascended.

9 Months ago
sniper of hell

I enjoy a lot of sci-fi but could never get into star trek or *especially* Babylon 5. I think maybe because they're "slow" sci-fi or something, though I did enjoy the early seasons of Stargate SG-1 despite that format.

Yeah, Star Trek has always been a slower and more methodical sci-if show up until Discovery. However, there are quite a few episodes of TNG that have a lot of action. Q Who, Best of Both Worlds part 1 and 2, Yesterday’s Enterprise, Darmok, and All good Things are some of the best episodes for action. There are lots more episodes that have some action but it takes longer to build up to it. Deep Space 9 does have some earlier episodes that have a bit of action, especially the pilot episode that literally starts off with Sisko’s ship fighting the Borg from the TNG episodes Best of Both worlds. It does take a few seasons to ramp up the dominion war story line and has more action episodes sprinkled out until the finale of season 5 when the war actually kicks off. Then seasons 6 and 7 have alot of fast paced action episodes.

The movies also have alot of action. The Wrath of Kahn, Search for Spock and Undiscovered Country are the most action packed Kirk movies and then pretty much all the TNG movies are filled with action, especially First Contact. Also all the JJ Abraham trek movies are full of action as well. Beyond was the best of the new trilogy imo.

The best way I can recommend getting into any of the Star Trek series is to look up the top 5 or 10 episodes and watch them. That way If you don’t like those episodes then you know you won’t like the rest and have wasted alot less of your time.

8 Months ago

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