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What is life? What happens after death? How do we live morally to become our best selves? Let's discuss!

more absurdism crap

Posted Over 4 Years ago by Louis De Pointe du Lac

Purpose. A shrine to the belief that existence cares about what you do. That there is a path that makes nature smile and one that makes it frown. And that you have a choice to travel one or the other.

Ah free will... "Free" will... Free from everything save for you and you alone.

But we are not free. We are slaves. Either of order or chaos. Existence is our puppet master, or maybe the hand that throws the dice. But you are never "you and you alone."

We do not accept purpose. We do not refuse it. There is no "we" at all. Just order or chaos.

Death and madness are your real choice. Life always has and always will be mad. That is our engine. That is our value and motive. That and not freewill moves a hand, that and not purpose moves the heart. Human nature. Not human and nature. So let's have our drinks, go to our meetings, build our machines. Let us be content with our madness - our nature.

Let us live.

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My raison d'etre is to take a nice, hot salty piss on absurdism.

Over 4 Years ago
Carbon Efffigy
Oxygen Effigy

Over 4 Years ago
Louis De Pointe du Lac
No love = No future

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