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Movies Watched 2022

Posted 11 Months ago by Jet Presto

And so it begins! Little movie dump for the first few days of the year, and also just to get the thread going.

1. The Godfather Part II

2. The Godfather Part III

3. Bound for Glory

4. The Kingdom

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how did you watch 4 movies 3 days into the year?

Christ. I am impressed.

The most recent movie I watched was Spider-man: No Way Home.

I have also restarted watching the Netflix Daredevil show. (So freaking good)

I also watched the majority of the Hawkeye show. It was pretty okay. Generally I am fine with women kicking ass and in-universe there has been plenty of opportunities for them to train. (Widow training program, Wakanda royal guard, Sharon being a SHIELD operative and CIA (and she was military as well? not sure) etc) but a 120lb 20 year old fighting grown men/ criminals.

Thats a huuuuuge stretch even if she has a blackbelt or two. But I liked it overall. Wish I could finish it.

11 Months ago
sniper of hell

I watched The Matrix Resurrections a few days ago. Over all a very good movie with many themes layered on top of eachother. I dont want to spoil anything for anyone who hasn't seen it yet, but NPH does a great job. Also, it's on HBO Max so anyone who has that should go watch it before it gets taken off.

I watched the first episode of The Book of Boba Fett. I like how it addressed what happened to him after he fell into the sarlac in RotJ and how he escaped. I also like the call backs to the Mandalorian and RotJ.

I also watched the most recent episodes of STD, and this season definitely feels like the series is finally finding it's footing as a star trek series. I think it still has pacing issues and ofcourse the season's plot is to stop another threat to the galaxy. However it's trying to focus more on character development and while it seems to stumble on some of that, it's doing a much better job than the previous seasons. It's also doing a great job of addressing PTSD and dealing with loss.

11 Months ago

2. The Godfather Part III

Which version did you do? Original or coDA?


11 Months ago
Lord Denida

Did the original I believe.

11 Months ago
Jet Presto

I just finished watching Fisher. I’d give it 3 stars out of 5. Maybe that’s not fair. Maybe I should give it 3.5 out of 5.
I tried to watch P-Valley but my TV broke.

11 Months ago

Don't know if I posted this in the other thread, but this is the link to my Letterboxd list of movies I watched in 2021.

11 Months ago
Jet Presto

5. Captain America: The Winter Soldier

6. King Kong (1933)

7. The Wedding Banquet

8. 21 Jump Street

9. Two Friends

10. The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters

11. The Wolverine

12. Barton Fink

13. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

14. The Lost Daughter

11 Months ago
Jet Presto

How was Barton fink? It looked good but I haven't seen it yet. Worth spending very limited off time on?

11 Months ago
Sky's the limit

I saw matrix resurrections last week. Overall pretty terrible but the first act was good. My main issues with it were the heavy-handed callbacks -- not the clips of other movies (those made sense in context) but the way the movie imitated other movies the way that terrible terminator 1 reboot did. I also took issue with the fight sequences, which lacked the creativity and ingenuity of other matrix films.

11 Months ago
Sky's the limit

Barton Fink rules. I've not actually seen early Coen brothers films, and Raising Arizona is still definitely my favorite so far. But Barton Fink isn't that far behind it. Every movie just needs one solid John Goodman Screaming Scene, IMO.

Awwww... I personally loved The Matrix Resurrections. It does seem like in these kinds of polarizing franchise films that seem to divide audiences, I seem to always come out on the side of "liking it." Love it, hate it, indifferent towards it, but I can't imagine in a million years getting a franchise film that would be made 20 years later that serves as a *response* to the original film.

11 Months ago
Jet Presto

Since I'm here:

15. A Hero

16. Fast & Furious 6

11 Months ago
Jet Presto

I watched Creed 1 and Creed 2. Great films! (imo Creed 1 is superior but 2 is a pretty good sequel)

11 Months ago
sniper of hell

I just started the Rocky franchise! Rocky II today, which I actually think is a better movie than the original Rocky, personally. (Not that it's like, night and day difference.) Looking forward to getting to the Creed movies.

11 Months ago
Jet Presto

To me it really depends on which day you ask me. Somedays Rocky 1 is the Superior movie others its Rocky 2.

11 Months ago
sniper of hell

17. Drive My Car

18. Rocky

19. Annie Hall

20. Sweetie

21. Rocky II

22. Rocky III

23. Rocky IV

24. Rocky V

25. Rocky Balboa

26. Creed

27. Creed II

28. 22 Jump Street

11 Months ago
Jet Presto

@Jet Presto:
So far this year, 28 movies in 22 days!
Keep it up and you’ll probably achieve around 462 movies in 365 days!
(If I did my mental arithmetic right!)

11 Months ago

I’m now watching The Broken Circle Breakdown, a Dutch/Flemish film but I’m using the English subtitles.
It’s set in the USA and is about Bluegrass music so most of the songs are English.
I couldn’t watch 1917, if I remember correctly, because of the paywall?

Actually a lot of it’s set in Ghent, apparently.

The envelope story is in a pediatric oncology unit in Ghent.
The flashbacks are in the USA; perhaps in the Appalachians.
[edit]No, it turns out the flashbacks are all within driving distance of the hospital in Ghent.[/edit]

11 Months ago

I'm trying to build up a good head start because I know there are a few weeks coming up in which I probably won't be able to watch anything.

11 Months ago
Jet Presto

Another movie dump.

29. An Angel at my Table

30. The Deer Hunter

31. Kramer vs. Kramer

32. In the Kingdom of Dreams and Madness

33. Nobody

34. The Piano

35. Wonder Woman

36. Ordinary People

37. The Thing (1982)

38. Four Falls of Buffalo

39. Y Tu Mama También

40. Chariots of Fire

41. Furious 7

10 Months ago
Jet Presto

just watched Wolf Children and rewatched Doctor Sleep

10 Months ago

42. Groundhog Day

43. The Shawshank Redemption

44. Gandhi

45. The Portrait of a Lady

46. The Reader

47. Parallel Mothers

48. Terms of Endearment

49. Knives Out

50. Honk For Jesus. Save Your Soul.

51. Amadeus

52. Roll Tide/War Eagle

53. Kimi

54. Sirens

55. Holy Smoke!

10 Months ago
Jet Presto

Finished Rocky 1-3.

Going to try to watch Rocky 4 in the week.

10 Months ago
sniper of hell

I mostly really liked the Rocky series, but with 4, I either needed there to be more robot or no robot at all. Lol.

10 Months ago
Jet Presto

I watched all four stories in STARZ’s “Girlfriend Experience”.
Season 1 Christine/Chelsea
Season 2 Erica and Anna
Season 2 Bria/Sarah
Season 3 Iris/Cassie

Season 3 was the only one with a happy ending.
Although you could consider Season 2 Bria to be a “happy” one for the characters we actually like; the protagonistes. It’s just very violent.
Season 2 Bria was more of a police procedural in my opinion.
Season 2 Erika and Anna was pretty close to pornography in my opinion. Also, it made it seem that immediately on hearing her lover wanted to break up, each and every lesbian would immediately fall to her knees and weep and beg her lover to stay.
And Erika’s ex-lover Darya (? Do I have that right?) was an absolute bitch.
Season 1 was set in present-day so the ending was realistic.
Season 3 is science fiction, so the happy ending is justified.

10 Months ago

I am now trying to watch Yes God Yes.

10 Months ago

I finished Yes God Yes. I watched it because someone said it was funny.
On that basis it wasn’t worth the 4 dollars.
But as the story of a high school Catholic girl accused of a sex act she didn’t even know what it was, I guess it was good.
I would have appreciated it more if I were Catholic or a girl or in high school.
If I’d seen it nine years ago I might have thought of my daughter.

10 Months ago

56. Flee

57. UHF

58. Airplane

59. Nightmare Alley (1947)

60. Everybody Wants Some!!

61. In the Cut

62. The Skeleton Twins

63. How I Won the War

64. Venom: Let There Be Carnage

65. Free Guy

66. Out of Africa

67. Amistad

68. Platoon

69. Bright Star

70. The Hudsucker Proxy

71. Shaun of the Dead

72. Uncharted

73. The Last Emperor

74. The Dark Knight Rises

75. Canadian Bacon

76. The Batman

77. A Clockwork Orange

78. Rain Man

79. Fargo

9 Months ago
Jet Presto

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