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My mom just called me...

Posted Over 1 Year ago by Weird Occurance

She told me she's getting a kidney transplant early in the morning.

Her kidneys have been failing due to high blood pressure. She just told me she's been on the list for a transplant since June.

:/ I'm more sad than worried. I'm sure the surgery will go well since it's a fairly common procedure, but I know her life will change a bit after this and I wish she could've told me sooner that she was on the list for a transplant... :(

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Oh sweetie, I am so sorry. It sounds like you have so much on your plate right now. It can't be easy to think that she kept this form you; people act weird when they are confronted with mortality. Granted, I don't know your mom (or your relationship), but I can imagine she kept it from you as a coping mechanism. Still, that sucks and it's a lot to just drop on you the day before.

Over 1 Year ago

Thanks, Avi.

She said she didn’t want to tell me because she didn’t want me to worry. She also doesn’t want me to tell any of her siblings or her mother.

I get where she’s coming from, but I wish I’d known in advance that this was a prospective thing. Like back in June. When she got on the list.

But then I feel selfish for feeling frustrated with the way the news was handled. It’s just easier to feel that than worrying about possibly losing my mom, or anything else about the surgery and my mom’s upcoming need for antibiotics for the rest of her life and a changed diet, and everything that comes with this.

It feels so surreal. And the hospital’s not taking visitors because of Covid, so my dad’s not even allowed to see her. I imagine I’d be on the next flight down to Florida if I could visit her to bring some comfort...I don’t know. It’s all just... I don’t know. I have too many feelings to express anything.

Over 1 Year ago
Weird Occurance

My dad just texted me to say my mom's surgery ended 20 mins ago.

It went so well that my mom doesn't even need to be in the ICU for recovery. The anesthesia will wear off this afternoon and then my dad will be able to call her and give me another update.

She's expected to make a full recovery, though, which is a huge relief.

Over 1 Year ago
Weird Occurance

The only thing in my family this reminds me of probably wouldn’t cheer anybody up.
I’ll just say I kinda sympathize.
I hope everyone will be OK!

Over 1 Year ago

Thanks for responding.

About three hours after my last updated, she was back in surgery. I called my dad to ask what was going on - and he started crying and told me he’d text.... *sigh*

something wasn’t really right and there was some sort of fluids leak inside. So they fixed that and extenders how long she’ll be in for monitoring. She had to be in the ICU for almost a full day or so.

Today she started physical therapy, but had two blood transfusions for reasons she’s not telling us. Dad tried to call her doctor today, no luck. Was really touch or go there, but things seem worrisome somehow. She’s still in a ton of pain and in some way, things still seem like she’s not doing great even though it’s prolly too soon to say anything cynical..

Thanks for the well wishes, though. It’s nice being able to talk about it.

Over 1 Year ago
Weird Occurance

@Weird Occurrence:
Any updates?

Over 1 Year ago

Hey Chiarizio,

Thanks for reaching out. My mom ended up in surgery 3 TIMES that week... they kept finding problems while she was in recovery.

She got discharged a week or so before Christmas and has been doing pretty fine. I missed going down to visit on her birthday in Feb because she was high risk and not yet vaccinated. My idiot brother was staying down there, going cycling with a huge group then hanging out with her immediately after... and is lucky nothing went wrong. She's vaccinated, now, and my dad's gotten his first shot, too. I hope to visit my parents in October, if I can be vaccinated by then.

Thank you so much for asking for updates, means a lot <3

Over 1 Year ago
Weird Occurance

Holy crap... I hope she recovers OK. Damn.

Hospital bill?

Over 1 Year ago

She’s recovering very well, thanks. But the whole thing was far from ideal.

But still has lots of appointments to evaluate medications and stuff.
Dad told me her hospital bill was insane, just for the transplant surgery alone, then add on two more surgeries and a two week or so stay in the ICU - you can imagine if was a lot.

Over 1 Year ago
Weird Occurance

Are there any news?

Over 1 Year ago

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