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One-on-one post types

Posted Over 1 Year ago by Xhin

I wanted to get the staff and community's feedback on an idea I had:

  • A post type where only two people can participate in a conversation but anyone can observe.

  • A turn-based system where you can post but must wait for the other person to respond before you can post again.

    I had the idea originally for conflict resolution - it's a way for two people to deal with their mutual issues without overtalking each other and to keep it public so they're more accountable for their words.

    I think it would be an interesting format for general posting too however - a way of allowing more structured discussions on a more long-term basis.

    Restricting the conversation to two people might alienate people who would want to respond, but they could also start general or one-on-one posts to extend those conversations further.

    What are your thoughts?

  • There are 4 Replies

    I like this idea -- but to add my own spin, mayhap we could have a system whereby people could request access to a one-on-one thread, but make it so that both parties have to grant access and the person requesting cannot request again if denied for something like an hour or so. Also make sure it checks names and IPs to ensure against the abuse of alts.

    Over 1 Year ago
    Black Yoshi

    I think that this is an interesting idea, especially with Yosh's idea. Maybe don't set it up as one-on-one, necessarily, but only certain users that accept an invitation at the creation of the thread and then can vote on allowing/disallowing users that petition to join.

    I think there's probably going to be some uses of such a mechanic that are utterly bizarre and unintentional. Is that important? I don't know.

    Over 1 Year ago

    Null, I think your idea is more of a separate feature -- kind of a remake of the secret clubs feature on the elder gtx0. For technical and UX reasons it makes sense to keep them separate if we implement it.

    Black Yoshi's idea does make sense though -- particularly if it's used for conflict resolution, as it allows a kind of mediator. How would they fit into the turn-based mechanic though?

    Over 1 Year ago
    Sky's the limit

    Also make sure it checks names and IPs to ensure against the abuse of alts.

    The best method for this kind of thing is to restrict it to accounts that are over a day old.

    Over 1 Year ago
    Sky's the limit

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