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Sayings of Your Concultures

Posted Over 15 Years ago by dragar

[unparsed]What sayings do you have for your concultures? Whether or not you have a conlang.

"race to the horizon": a no win situation or fruitless task; there is an old fable about two brothers that always competed. To prove who was best, they raced to the horizon. It is said that they are still racing to this day, as neither would give up.

"stand the spear": guarded or not fully trusting. Literally meaning to plant one's spear in the ground to keep it close at hand.

[i:d3956ff96b]noteh asemda aztron
noteh asem-da aztron
sail ART.def.formal-PL star[/i:d3956ff96b]
sail the stars
It is used similar to both 'reach for the stars' and 'do the impossible'.

Edit: July 20; plural now marked on the article, as opposed to the noun

"the Light blind you": this is somewhat blasphemous to Sol; it is generally used to curse hypocrites or those who are self righteous

"by the four": used in swearing an oath on the Creators. This is a mildly used term now-a-days.

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[unparsed]In some Siwi societies:

[i:a63febc812]To shoot a dart[/i:a63febc812] meant "to play unfair" or "to cheat". Not being able to use physical weapons, they considered them decadent relative to magical weapons.

[i:a63febc812]You're gnawing nuts[/i:a63febc812] meant "you're casting sorts as a lazy whimp". Derogatory allusion to squirrel-like Ebeis.

Among "revolutionary" Ebeis of the Peninsula (those who opposed Siwi-inspired animal labor and planned to replace it with machine work):

Saying [i:a63febc812]I heard a flap[/i:a63febc812] looking up signified you suspected someone of being tempted by Siwi technology. Allusion to bat-like wing flap of a Siwi.

In some Roksa societies:

[i:a63febc812]Watch your fleas[/i:a63febc812] was said to someone whose slaves were unrestfull, spreading turmoil among the slaves of the neighborhood and possibly preparing an escape. It was often meant to challenge in a duel. A Roksa that was unable to keep their slaves in rest was probably a weak magician, easily defeated and their slaves stolen.

Over 15 Years ago

Well, maybe I'm not as creative. All I've got is
"Don't think with your dick and don't fuck with your brain."

Over 15 Years ago
eldin raigmore

[unparsed]My world is fairly new and I've been jumping around, so I don't have a lot of idioms, but I do have two.

The first is:

-Only her/his mother knows her/his second name.

Second names are given to all of my people. They are used negatively most commonly when you are in trouble. This idiom implies that whomever they are talking about must be very well-behaved and thought of as a "perfect angel".

The second is:

-Hold the ropes right and....

Used by construction workers when the Sophilians (my people), were getting more advanced in building. It was used when construction workers would deliberately take up space by placing the ropes in wide rings around them to make it appear they didn't have any more space to carry anything else up.

So obviously it is used when any Sophilians are taking up space or deliberately trying to do less. You can continue the sentence by saying:

"Hold the ropes right and help me out."

Over 7 Years ago

Nice, Luna1239.
Sophilians? Is there a link to a post all about them? Or to a website?

Over 7 Years ago

[unparsed]Thanks Chiarizio

Sorry but there are no links yet about my people. The Sophilians are a new creation. Though I am currently creating a website for my conworld. It will be an overview of what my people are all about, and what the place is like. I will even let people take a quiz that will determine the type of Sophilian they are, and will also determine basic info about the character they've created (birthdate, physical features)

I could PM you a message of a basic overveiw about them if you'd like because the site will not be fully finished for some time.

Over 7 Years ago

I could PM you a message of a basic overveiw about them if you'd like because the site will not be fully finished for some time.

Thanks for the offer.
Can't you post that on this BBoard?
If not, the PM will be fine; and thanks!

Over 7 Years ago

[unparsed]I can post my conworld in the WIP coworlds thread when I get the chance. I've been meaning to do so for a while but I just haven't yet.

Over 7 Years ago

I can post my conworld in the WIP coworlds thread when I get the chance. I've been meaning to do so for a while but I just haven't yet.

How's it going?

Over 6 Years ago


Over 4 Years ago

[unparsed]I'm going to need to make up some sayings or change the meanings of some existent Japanese ones for my cat youkai people. There's a lot of sayings involving cats that I think they might disagree with and either not use at all or alter the meaning.

I don't have any thought out yet however. :(

Over 4 Years ago

For example; do cats have nine lives? Or seven?
Do cats always land on their feet?
If toast always lands buttered-side-down, what happens if you attach a slice of buttered toast to a cat’s back, butterside facing away from the cat? Then pick the cat up, turn them on their side, and drop them? Will they just perpetually spin, feet-down-then-butter-down-then- , over and over again, without ever landing?
How many cats does it take to change a light bulb? If the socket is horizontal, maybe one cat can do it, with a slice of buttered toast?

Over 4 Years ago

Sayings of my concultures might include some something like some of the following.
Don’t think with your dick and don’t fuck with your brain.
I can’t remember the last time I forgot something.
I was going to procrastinate today, but I never got around to it.
Always remember, you are unique! Just like everyone else.
Things would go so much more smoothly if everyone would just do things the way I want them to.
You know what’s worse than finding a worm in your apple? Finding half a worm!
Why are there so many more horses’ asses than there are horses?
“Doctor, doctor, will I die?” “Yes, my child, and so will I.”
Once you’ve had your dinner, everything’s alright.
Happy wife, happy life.
Husbands are like tile floors. If you lay them right, you can walk all over them for years and they won’t show any wear.
If a man speaks alone in a forest, and there is no woman around to hear him, is he still wrong?
Wet dogs are the lovingest.
Better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool, than to open it and remove all doubt.
[edit]When I was 14 (sixteen in decimal —they reckon in dozenal) I thought my father must be the most ignorant man (i.e. adult male human) on the face of the planet. When I was 20 (twenty-four in decimal — they count in dozenal) I was astonished at how much the old guy had learned in just eight years. [/edit]


I kinda think most of those aren’t uniquely illustrative of how my concultures differ from the natculture I grew up in.
My concultures‘ sayings should reference local species and local geography, and customs they have that we don’t, and AIs and extraterrestrial or nonhuman sapient species.
I’ll obviously have to think better and longer.

Over 4 Years ago


Over 1 Year ago

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