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Safe space for LGTBTQ and Allies, and any discussions of kinks, sexual experiences, and musings. Absolutely no shaming allowed!

Second Sexual Awakening

Posted 11 Months ago by galbraith

Coming to terms with how I feel about relationships and sexuality over the last year or so has been intense, but also incredibly rewarding. There are parts of the experiences I've had so far that were pretty clearly anticipated, but there's also been a huge kind of emotional barrier that has been broken. I finally feel actually kinda comfortable and I'm starting to feel emotionally fulfilled by experimenting with these new modes of sexuality.

Besides the enjoyment that I obtain directly from the experiences, it has helped my confidence a noticeable amount by resolving some internal tension that I had. The negative emotional connotations that I have had with some of these concepts is either heavily eroded or already gone. As a consequence, I'm thinking with far more clarity about these things, and I can dispense with a lot of the arbitrary social mores that have been ingrained in my thought process.

One of the more interesting things I've found through this experimentation is that there are things that aren't for me. Finding out what I am not is just as important as finding out what I am, and it helps me to understand people who are in other positions better than I did before. Queer solidarity is important to me, and growing into the spaces that I am has shown me how to cultivate that better with other queer people.

(There's also just something interesting to me in the critique sense about individuality, solidarity and the regressive narratives about homogeneous queer "degeneracy", but this is neither the time nor the place to bring those up. It is safe to assume that I understand better than ever how void of intellectual standard these reactionary stances are.)

tl;dr I am experiencing fulfillment and enjoyment and understanding on a level so unprecedented for me that I feel like I have entered a new era of sexual freedom and wellbeing.

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I think I’ve hit my sexual snooze button.

11 Months ago

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