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shatterloop economy

Posted Over 2 Years ago by Xhin

These are some basic notes for how the economy in my game shatterloop works -- creating some lore (even if it's more of a rough draft) is necessary to help build the systems out. Feel free to ask questions -- they help.

Basic Stuff

  • Shatterloop civilization is essentially a decaying high-tech society. While there's a lot of old advanced technology in place (and some newer stuff like portals), it's become a lot more agrarian over time due to the different physics of this universe and also the shattering event.

  • Political power is decentralized and split between a bunch of trade-based guilds that vie for power and influence.

  • In the cities, guild rule is so absolute that work and home are the same place -- tall towers of cordoned "rooms" for members, which are used interchangeably as living and working spaces.

  • Outside of cities where the stewards of automated technology live, houses are more spacious and people aren't crammed in. This tends to be where the wealthier echelon of society lives -- the people that actually control the guilds and their production to a large extent.

  • People that don't like this arrangement can go out and wander in the wilds, but the wild areas of Shatterloop are quite dangerous even with good weapons and without a Newflesh Node attuned to you, when you die you die permanently. Nonetheless these "explorers" are a major component of the society since they found new settlements and stewarding outposts. Those that do it professionally tend to be part of a guild.

    Farms, Mines, Fisheries, and other raw materials

    This part of the society is fully automated -- the technology of the people who colonized this universe was quite advanced, and a lot of that transferred over into this part of the society. Shatterloop society thus basically exists post-resource scarcity, however the group of people that watch over and build these automatons are able to control the supply at will and so wield an enormous amount of political power.

    The people in charge of the automatons are known as Stewards and outside of maintaining the automatons and ruling with an iron fist they tend towards experimentation with their operations to derive even more profit and influence.

    Stewards are also one of the few groups that have children, and those children have a higher-than-normal incidence of growing up to be Explorers. Bringing back some new animal or plant that's easier to extract valuable materials from is a great way to gain favor over your other siblings so that maybe you can become part of the stewardship's expanded operations someday. It sounds cutthroat as hell, but despite the lack of resource scarcity there's a huge problem with land scarcity and the near-immortality of the older generation via Newflesh Nodes doesn't help either.

    Cities and Guild Towers

    Cities are composed of tower-like buildings that serve as workspaces, bases of guild operations, and residential areas. Due to social decay over time they tend towards being highly disorganized and quite easy to sabotage.

    Doing work for your guild gives you room and board but also a modest income for entertainment, travel, or maybe saving up for the Machines you need to become an Explorer or Steward yourself.

    Each Guild Tower has some kind of specialty, depending on the Guild it's associated with -- this can be things like inns (lodging and city-based entertainment), smiths (create metal tools), lumberjacks (woodworkers and wood-sellers), etc. The Tower functions as a publicly accessible Shop, a place where those products are actually created, storage for instant product distribution through Conduits, and housing for workers. Owing to the land shortage and societal decay (and I guess the unstable physics which is driving those), everything is kind of crammed in there together in a chaotic way.

    More to come.

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    Very intriguing, so far!

    Over 2 Years ago

    Has more come yet?

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