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Spider-Man No Way Home opinions (No Spoilers!!)

Posted 7 Months ago by Weird Occurance

Felt like sharing a spoiler-free perspective of this movie. - if you respond with spoilers, please use the spoiler tag!

I saw No Way Home as well-made. I liked the effects, score, and basically the crafting of the movie, but other than that,

I couldn't shake the feeling that it was pretty relentless fan service with a paper-thin plot. I felt like it begged far more questions than it answered, specifically related to how exactly timelines and the multiverse *works*. As well-made as it is, I just feel like I left with more questions than I went in with. And had this feeling that Marvel's going down this road where every movie needs to retcon or "fix" the last film's ending because they can't work with what they've created.

Endgame "fixed" Infinity War
No Way Home "fixed", well, I'm not touching this.
And it looks like the new Dr. Strange movie will be "fixing" issues from No Way Home.

The difference being, characters can face things or things can just be “fixed”. Marvel is going the route of fixing, as opposed to facing, as a primary plot.

I understand series require building upon problems introduced from prior entries, but I don't see many non-Marvel cases where a number of sequels within one series have a main plot that revolves almost entirely around "fixing" previous entries. Instead of relying primarily on character growth to drive the series, I see Marvel using a lot of "fixing", with hints of character growth sprinkled throughout.

I can go very in-depth, but it's a new movie and I don't want to have a huge rant of spoilers lol

In the end, I see why people enjoyed this movie.
I enjoyed it. The pacing was quite excellent and the cinematography was pretty top notch. But after a while, the fan service and questions I felt it was begging became a bit overwhelming imo.

Have any of you seen it, yet? What are your thoughts on it?

¤¤♅êîrÐ Øccu®@n瀤¤

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To be fair there is nothing to be fixed. Granted you do need to watch Loki to understand a bit about the multiverse and how it works.

I thought it was great. It serves as a Raimi Spider-man 3.5 and amazing spider-man 2.5. Every one involved did a great job when they could have just phoned it in and called it a day.

7 Months ago
sniper of hell

You have to give them credit for crafting a film that is almost literally impossible to talk about without "spoiling" something. Even the things everyone knew that they not only spent months lying about, but making it seem like fans were being annoying by just wanting to hear a particular actor acknowledge he was in the movie. Lol.

I mostly liked it. Might be the third best live action Spidey film for me. It's a big mess of a film that often contradicts their own rules or logic that they spend a fair amount of time trying to establish. I do agree that the thing primarily serves as fan-service.

But I'd say this: I didn't care for much of the front half fan-service. All the stuff with the villains is complete and utter nonsense. It doesn't even make sense according to their own logic. It's stuff that banks on you remembering who played what character in another movie, but not remembering what happened in that movie. It's silly and pointless and at times even kinda relies on writing a kinda different version of that character than in their previous respective films. I also found the need to make it a loose adaptation of one of the worst Spider-Man comics ever, One More Day, to be kinda innately bad. (Like, why am I supposed to care about MJ like, at all in these movies? She's barely in the first one. They only get together in the back half of the second one. And they're together for all of what, a week in this one?)

It's also just kind of a bummer that they took three full movies before they finally set up the possibility of a new Spider-Man movie that kinda stands on its own. The first two are dominated by Tony Stark and dealing with the events of the Avengers films. And in this one, Dr. Strange and then also the previous "universes" (ugh) are what prop this movie up. It's kinda weird because I like Tom Holland a lot in the role (even if I don't adore this version of the character), but he never got the chance, or hasn't yet, to really drive a Spider-Man movie himself. They finally set it up, and no one really knows what's gonna happen with the character (but also, because they *have* to have him fight Venom).

All that said, I think the "fan-service" in the back half is actually incredibly entertaining. And more than that, it serves a purpose for Holland-Man's character. Like for all the issues I have with the villain stuff, the payoffs with the other boys on the back half are actually pretty good pay-offs that feel satisfying (even if I kinda hated their take on Aunt May here and wish we got more time to see Peter develop out of that - I actually think that whole arc works better in a movie with Venom as the villain).

It's an incredibly bloated film with too many villains, too many subplots, too much "world-building," too many references to past works for its own good, and it's way too long. It's trying to be One More Day *and* Into the Spider-Verse *and* weirdly trying to re-tell the Spider-Man origin story late in the game *and* set-up for the next Dr. Strange movie *and* serving as like, the Endgame of Spider-Man movies. And I don't think it is great in any one of those ways, largely because it never really gets to focus on any one or two of those things for more than like, a reel. (Misnomer; I know these things aren't shot or exhibited on reels anymore. That's just short-hand to explain these 15-20 minute chunks of movie.)

But the cast is unbelievable and turn in rock solid performances. Some of the jokes late are genuinely some of the funniest in *any* superhero movie. And while I don't really care much about any of the secondary Spider-Man characters in this series of films, and they do kinda hammer the emotional beats really hard, there are a few that are effective even if they are eye-roll worthy.

Curious to see where they go, if they continue with the Holland take. I'd *love* to see a version of Spider-Man in this MCU who is finally free of the burden of either being Tony Stark's replacement or living in his shadow or feeling like he needs to live up to that legacy and actually letting him be the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man as he is classically known as.

I will just add as one final criticism: maybe it's just me and also from the years of reading comics but...I kinda am bored with the "what if we had these superheroes fight each other instead of bad guys???" trope. I get that that's a lot of nerd talk, y'know? "Who would win in a fight?" But I'm just kinda tired of it. We've seen it sooo many times at this point. I wish they could figure anything else out for an early action beat than to have Superhero A fight Superhero B because of a mild disagreement or misunderstanding.

But it was a lot of fun. I do look forward to revisiting it when it's available for home release. This is probably the only Jon Watts Spider-Man I'll keep on blu-ray, depending on the special features (would really like to see some behind the scenes footage).

7 Months ago
Jet Presto


I agree with EVERYTHING you said.

I thought it was full of internal contradictions and fan service and trying to accomplish too much. And I didn’t like how it was the Spider-Man version of Endgame.

At the same time, I also agree it was really funny, the homages to previous entries were great, the acting was top notch, and the pacing was excellent. As jam-packed as the movie was, I never felt bored or like it was too rushed.

There were a few things I wished they’d have done differently - highly plot specific things that cross over into spoiler territory, so I won’t mention them here - but I certainly didn’t hate or dislike this movie.

And I understand the Marvel multiverse. I just feel like this way of implementing it with this specific plot, created a ton of questions which, again, are probably spoiler-territory. As an indication, I’ll say - each universe has a timeline that Spider-Man’s actions kind of mess up / break / contradict in this movie. …but, that’s looking like the setup for the next Dr. Strange, probably.

Overall, appreciated Far From Home and No Way Home. Just wish the plot was a little more coherent? Thought out? Idk lol

¤¤♅êîrÐ Øccu®@n瀤¤

7 Months ago
Weird Occurance

best spider-man, best mcu

no i will not elaborate

7 Months ago
The Bandit

Based Bandit.

7 Months ago
sniper of hell

"You're trash."

"Stings, doesn't it?"

7 Months ago

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