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Virgin/Sex Shaming

Posted Over 1 Year ago by Tek Shmansen

Well I don't agree with the beating-them-up, but I absolutely agree that virgin-shaming is wrong. Whatever the reason a person hasn't had sex THAT IS THEIR BUSINESS. I have asexual friends who've expressed how much virgin-shaming sucks. (And friends who identify asa variety of different sexualities actually).

I think the larger problem is sex-shaming of any kind*

(*Assumes consent, and legality esp w regard to age)

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Clarification: I do agree with wanting to beat up people who commit sexual assault/etc. That said, the law _should_ be the ones making decisions about guilt and punishment. But ooh. Getting pissed off just thinking about it.

Also people getting pressured into sex is a huge problem in our society. Patriarchal bullshit which we can do better than.

Over 1 Year ago
Tek Shmansen

All of the above, minus the beating. But not to mention, some people (like myself) are choosing to remain celibate for religious reasons, and definitely, DEFINITELY will not have sex before marriage, even if there's a beautiful woman in my life who is my girlfriend and we are engaged and she wants to do it. We're still not married!

Over 1 Year ago

I think this thread might be in the wrong subforum?
Or if not, has the wrong post title?
I could be wrong.

I’ll ask Riven.
I don’t expect he’ll have an answer before Monday?

Over 1 Year ago

I agree, this seems to belong elsewhere. Found it via Site Feed and didn't pay attention to where it was posted.

Over 1 Year ago
Tek Shmansen

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