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Because we all have fond memories of the years gone by, we might as well bond over it. ♥

tha llama devil kiriko ps one etc

Posted Over 3 Years ago by Son of Dante

Some of my first internet pals. I remember you (y)

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I still remember PSone's password all these years later -- idk why she gave it to me but I committed it to memory.

Over 3 Years ago
Sky's the limit

I'm still here. I'm 34 now, not 16 years old. I still check out doujinshi every now and then to stay young.

I continued school in vidya develeopment. I continued work until family probs.

I started frequenting 4chan in 2003. It got bad in 2006. I left.

I still remember you guys and think about you pals every few years.

I still love anime and vidya. I almost gave up vidya in 2002.

I get buttloadz of gibs due to hallucinations... due to trauma from family deaths.

Over 3 Years ago
Tha Llama

Sorry to hear about that, I hope things improve. Otherwise our stories sound similar, but I'm doing anime tiddy art instead of game dev.

Also, ADIACs for life.

Over 1 Year ago
Son of Dante

Hey, Son of Dante. I'm using a different name just like before. I remember you and I remember your real name. I remember trading audio files with you. That was funny and dope.

Is there a place we can meet online? Do you use Twitter or something?

10 Months ago
The Llama

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