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The Failures in Handling Tamir Rice - Post by Shaun King

Posted Over 1 Year ago by mariomguy

Shaun King made this post summarizing all of the people and systems involved that failed Tamir Rice, a 12 year old boy who was shot to death when 911 was called and police officers found him playing with a toy gun. We all know the toy gun part, but what we don't know is everything else. This is still impacting his mother, Samira Rice in ways we couldn't imagine. It's very telling that this was not one somewhat justified mistake by a lone individual, but many mistakes from many people in a completely broken system.


Over the past few weeks, the mother of Tamir Rice, has posted a wide variety of frustrations and grievances on Facebook. I'd like to try to address them here.

Samaria Rice has every right to be angry at the world. On November 22nd of 2014, Cleveland Police Officer Timothy Loehmann shot and killed her 12 year old baby boy, Tamir, in what could best be described as a drive-by shooting. Loehmann, who had been fired for emotional stability and gross incompetence from another police department before he could even finish basic training, never should’ve hired in Cleveland - where they failed to even check his records. Had they done so, they would’ve learned that his superiors literally said that he should never work in law enforcement again.

The sheer number of people and systems who’ve failed Samaria Rice is so long. The people who failed to check Timothy Loehmann’s background failed her. The man who called 911 on Tamir Rice in spite of knowing that Tamir was a child and believing that he was playing with toys, failed her. The 911 operator who failed to inform police that Tamir was a child and only suspected of playing with toys failed her. Of course Timothy Loehmann, who shot and killed Tamir with seconds of seeing him, failed her, but so did all of the police who showed up that day, as they mercilessly let Tamir bleed out in agony on ground without offering him an ounce of comfort or aid. Those same officers then tackled Tamir’s sister and locked her in a police car when she saw what happened to her baby brother.

The city failed Samaria when they literally sent her a bill for the ambulance that arrived on the scene on that horrible day. The local prosecutors who failed to hold police accountable for Tamir’s murder obviously failed Samaria. As did the Attorney General and Governor of Ohio who each refused to use their authority to do anything substantive on the case.

The Obama administration, from President Obama himself, to Attorneys General Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch, who all promised countless families impacted by police violence that they would actually do something about their cases, but instead did next to nothing and allowed most of the cases to be passed over to the Trump administration, undoubtedly failed Samaria Rice. Trump, who weirdly pretended to care about justice reform, but also did nothing about a single case of police violence, failed Samaria too.
The list is so damn long. And I’m just getting started, honestly. My own blood is now boiling as I consider how many people and systems failed this woman and her family over and over again. I am angry, and you are probably angry, and we were never even graced with the chance to set foot in the room with Tamir. This woman birthed, raised, and buried him. I don’t think a word exists in the English language for how she must feel right now.

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