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Tucker Carlson - White Supremacy Propaganda

Posted Over 1 Year ago by mariomguy
John hit the nail on the head, as usual. Carlson will be very careful not to use the words white and black, but ask loaded questions and heavily imply racism is a good thing. He knows what he's doing, downplaying the effects of systemic racism and inverting everything, saying white people are getting their rights trampled on. The way he presents racism as reasonable makes him a shining beacon for white supremacists everywhere, and Fox News loves it.

Seeing his headlines back to back, as well as the differences in how he described the attack on the Capitol vs. Black Lives Matters riots proves this, along with everything else. Tucker Carlson is racist, and that's how he wants everyone to be.

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Tucker is the Nazbol vortex personified. "I agree corporations bad and let's help the common man and woman, but first we gotta drop this BLM and trans rights nonsense!"

Shame on Glenn Greenwald for referring to Cucker as a "socialist". He knows better.

Over 1 Year ago

I can't believe he's insinuating these things on the air. You want the source of America's problems, Fox News is one hell of a dumpster fire. Their brainwashing denies reality and incapacitates people. Really, slavery and discrimination have no impact on racial inequality today? He straight up says racial inequality doesn't exist. He says diversity isn't a strength. What?!

Over 1 Year ago

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