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two same souls in a single alternate timeline

Posted Over 7 Years ago by Blake

I know I might have asked a similar question but is it possible to redo the same life over again but with a different body while interacting with your past life self (which has the same soul). Like being reborn in 1988 as a the opposite gender now interacting with the person you once were but in a new body. Okay I have Autism and I would like to have my next life in the same timeline as this (same family and such) with everything intact but as a girl who can interact with her past self (me from this life, where I'm currently a boy). So does anyone know? I don't want my next life to be in the future and I don't want it to be in the past (well it will technically be the past when I die in this life but past refers to a life earlier than this one). But does anyone know? It's like when someone travels back in time in TV shows and movies and interacts with their past self except in this case, their past self isn't the same person but has the same soul, just a different body. I think that would be pretty cool as this life has been horrible and I'd love for a second chance!

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Will it technically be possible in the future scientifically? Eh I think so. There are a lot of people jumping onto the transhumanism craze as of late, and that has a lot of potential.

Is it probable that you will find a way to do this with something more supernatural such as astral projection? No. Plus you would have no real way of leaving any reproducible evidence, so even if you pulled such an amazing thing off, a lot of people would probably just think you're a crazy person.

Anyway. I've actually known someone who claimed that they could do something similar. But I have never tried anything like this, and I don't really intend to start. But my suggestions, if you really wanna bother messing around a lot: start looking into stuff such as remote viewing, astral projection, charkas, third eye opening, ect. Anything that may give you a better perspective. Also seek out some spirits/demons/djinn/whatever you want to call them, that may be able to help you with this. Though, I honestly don't know where you would want to look for that.

Over 7 Years ago

is it possible to redo the same life over again but with a different body while interacting with your past life self (which has the same soul)?

I don't know.

So does anyone know?


But does anyone know?

I doubt it.

Then again maybe I'm lying... Maybe everyone who has ever lived is just another version of you continually reincarnating again and again to interact with different versions of yourself, but you don't remember it because you're the first!

Over 7 Years ago
Louis De Pointe du Lac
No love = No future

I hope God allows us to choose any time period, rather it be the stone age or the distant future.

Over 7 Years ago

Well I'm not dealing with global warming or whatever the hell plagues the late 21s or early 22nd century so I rather redo this life!

Over 7 Years ago

i'm not looking for a metaphysical relationship right now......!

Over 7 Years ago
Sky's the limit

Ahem, what?

Over 7 Years ago

Damn double posts!

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