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Posted Over 1 Year ago by [scrubbed]


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I'm proud of you! And very proud of her. It's evident she dearly loves you.

Clearly set up boundaries before going out on your first date/exploration/thingy. You don't have to know what shape all this will take, but it is VERY important to talk about specifics: what's red light, what's more unclear, what's perfectly ok/green light.

I'm so glad y'all are talking about the hard subjects. So important to Say All The Things, and do so as safely as possible.

I was so terrified to bring any of this up. And there was a lot of hurt. And a lot of work. I never thought she could accept exploring polyamory. Blew my mind when she took me up on my offer to explore herself. Fast-forward and we're dating the same person lol. You never know unless you talk about it, whatever it is.

Never lose that dear consideration you both have for each other. It seems to be true care. Both natural and deliberate.

Over 1 Year ago
Tek Shmansen


Over 1 Year ago

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