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What is life? What happens after death? How do we live morally to become our best selves? Let's discuss!

What's your relationship with God/the universe/etc?

Posted Over 1 Year ago by Xhin

Seems like a good topic to reopen this forum with.

Maybe "God" is the wrong concept to use here, but a lot of people do use it without fitting into any particular religion. At the same time though I know using it is inevitably going to make the topic turn into "I'm an atheist" without any further exploration.

My own relationship has evolved a heck of a lot as I understand more what "God" actually means and especially as I get deeper into both Upanishad and Christian concepts. I have this sense of being a part of something much greater, with my own personal experiences and free will being intimately connected to it -- I'm like a hand and an eye but there a lot of both of those. I'll explore this a bit more when I'm not elsewhere IRL.

What are your perspectives?

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I don’t know whether anyone in the group still doesn’t know about me.

Is there any chance a reader didn’t already know all that?

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Over 1 Year ago

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