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wondering if I need to see a doctor.

Posted Over 1 Year ago by tnu

over the past few years i've been feelign increasingly and consistently lethargiv and unmotivated. I don't understand it but damn near everythign feels like an increasing effort and thatd oe sn't seem like it should make sense.

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Unfortunately there could be a lot of reasons for this. But yes, I'd see a dr over it and I'd make sure to get a vitamin/mineral panel done. Us rain-loving folk in western Washington understand the detriments of low vitamin d, for one.

Over 1 Year ago

My own docs tell me that that’s been the case for most people since March 20 2020.

For me going outdoors, exercising, and keeping social appointments, are effective against this; but that doesn’t make them easy to do.

Do you have someone you can count on to call you once a day or come see about you once a week or something?
It would also work for you to have someone you check up on every so often.


Just in case, do consult a physician if you can afford to. Ask your insurance company to recommend one. If a physician prescribes some tests, get them done and talk to the doc about the results.

That’s my recommendation; but I am not a professional.

Over 1 Year ago

How’s it going?
How’ve you been?

Over 1 Year ago

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